Book Blogger Gets New Bookshelves!

My bookshelves are here! My bookshelves are here! My bookshelves are here!
My bookshelves are here! My bookshelves are here! My bookshelves are here!
My bookshelves are here! My bookshelves are here! My bookshelves are here!
MY BOOKSHELVES ARE HERE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


If you’ve been following me on any of my platforms you’ll know that I’ve been beyond excited for my new Billy bookcases from IKEA to arrive so I could revamp our previous bookshelf situation.  The shelves arrived on Friday and I’m finally ready to show them off!


I decided to try my hand at making a video, so feel free to give that a look too and laugh at what a dork I am and meet my kitties!

Here is the before photo:


These are all Target shelves that I built and we’ve had since we moved into our first apartment 5 years ago.  When we moved into this place 3 years ago the movers took the shelves all apart and removed the nailed in backing, which isn’t meant to happen so then they were always really unbalanced and unstable after that. There are only 5 shelves on each too and sooo much wasted space.

After I took down the old shelves I found all this nonsense and tons of hair ties under the old ones from where my cats bapped them.  Hair ties are my cats favorites “toys” haha. Also do you spy that TERRIFYINGLY GIANT SPIDER!? I nearly had a heart attack until I realized it was a fake spider that I put out years ago for Halloween and was clearly another victim of my cats.


Look at the dramatic difference in added book space already!!

Now for what everyone has been waiting for!

The after photos:


It’s so clean and flush and perfectly fits the space! I am OBSESSED!! We have some extra space for more books that we’ll easily fill up and, there isn’t space under the shelves for the cats to bap things under anymore. Also the shelves were super easy to build!

I don’t think this sight will get old to me any time soon and it gives our apartment such happy vibes and energy. I’m really glad we went with white too because it brightens the space up so much!

What do you guys think of our new shelves?!?!


    • billy bookcases are the real deal!! sorry to hear about your lonely shelves but I hope they’ll be back together soon! and thanks for watching, lol I really considered put that outfit on just for the comedy effect hahah


  1. That looks AMAZING!!! I tried to talk my husband into the white shelves for our bedroom. He saw a bookshelf that matched our dresser and we just had to get that one. *rolls eyes* It’s now full. I brought up that I needed another shelf. Not to mention, this book case was way more expensive. He told me to stop buying books! He quickly said, he was just kidding. LOL.

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  2. Omg I absolutely love the new look! White book shelves really make everything pop and the space you have for the shelves it’s perfect! I’m so jelly

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