Trash Tuesday: Characters I’m Trash For

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Trash Tuesday is hosted by Read by Dev and here’s her explanation:

“For those who are new to the Trash Mob, Trash Tuesday is a weekly series meant for gushing about things we’re trash for. TRASH, well-know to the youths as the following,  is in no way, shape, or form meant to be negative. Trash is an endearing term meant for us fangirls (and boys) that may take things just a tad bit too far sometimes. And that’s OKAY.

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If you’d like to use the artwork @Loretta – Laughing Listener created, you can find it here! If you want to join in, I’ll be posting new weekly themes HERE.”

This weeks theme is: Characters I’m Trash For

Rhysand, High Lord of the Night Court, A Court of Thorns and Roses


I will never stop being obsessed with Rhys. Never never never never. All time favorite ship. Tippy top book boyfriend. My feelings for him are the LITERAL epitome of trash trash trash.

Ron Weasley, BFF to the Chosen One, Harry Potter 


This was probably one of the first characters I ever became trash for. Ron is the OG. I’ve always been obsessed with snark and red heads. He’s funny and brave and flawed. And freaking ADORABLE when he decided to finally get his shit together for Hermione.

Ronan Lynch, Dream Thief, The Raven Cycle


OH. MY. GODdjklfjdl;asfuiahrjf. He’s so prickly and AMAZING. I LOVE HIM. I CAN’T WAIT FOR CALL THE HAWK DOWN. I WANT ALL THE GOOD THINGS FOR HIM ONLY. man. My love for him was like the beginning of a roller coaster, you’re like okay he’s cool we’re heading somewhere and like you’re like woah okay WHOOSH HE IS INCREDIBLE!!!

yes I noticed that these characters all start with an R and it wasn’t intentional but I like it


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