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Okay I’ve been dying to to do Loretta @ The Laughing Listener‘s book tag for ages now because it’s all about book quizzes and I’m obsessed with this.


  1. Take all the quizzes down below and record your answers. The quizzes are linked in the fandom titles.
  2. NO CHEATING. You get one shot to take each quiz my friends. I’m watching you. ∗Suspicious squinty eyes∗
  3. Use this post to give credit to the creator Loretta @ The Laughing Listener or tag me on twitter @LaughnListener so I can see everyone’s answers!!
  4. Tag some friends to spread the fun!


Red Queen

I am: Evangeline

She may not have a crown on her head (yet?), but Evangeline is already our Queen! She’s fierce. Unstoppable. Cunning. Sassy. She has mastered the unique talent of complimenting and insulting someone all in the same sentence. We could go on and on, but basically we bow down to your greatness!

Okay so I still haven’t read this series even though it’s been a year since I got them. Oops. So I can’t really comment on this, except it’s saying they’re bowing down to my greatness so I think I’ll accept that.


I am: Jace Herondale and Kit Herondale

What a dangerous combination you are! Persuasive and restless, sarcastic and capable of more than you could ever imagine. Use your abilities for good, or you might just push your closest friends away.

I am very into this result.

Throne of Glass

I am: Aedion and Kaltain

You like to have fun, and what’s wrong with that? This shouldn’t take away from your other traits though. Your confidence should not be confused for arrogance, and though you may be petty, you mean well overall.

Hm. I was a little thrown by this one but I think the some of the description is right though I definitely wouldn’t say I’m petty.

Hunger Games

I am: Cinna

You don’t need to be loud and flamboyant to be popular. Your loving nature and easy personality make people warm to you. You’re creative and have many hidden talents, and although you’re not a big fighter you’ll always play a big part in peoples’ lives.

So at first I was like wut.. but then upon reading the description, I could see it.

Harry Potter

I am: Ginny Weasley

People might underestimate you but you’re stronger than you appear. You’re stubborn, witty, adventurous, and always up for a challenge.

I was really nervous about this one! I’m a Gryffindor so I was probably going to be happy with most any of those options haha. Even though I’m in love with Ron, which would be not a thing if I was his sister.

A Court of Thorns and Roses

I am: Rhysand, High Lord of the Night Court

A prince of darkness with a heart of gold, you’re the most powerful High Lord in Prythian. Despite your smoldering good looks and mind-crushing powers, you still manage to make time to appreciate art and nature a few close friendships. You’d give your life for those you love, and sell your soul to keep them safe.


The Raven Cycle

I am: Blue Sargent

You are outspoken, and walk to the beat of your own drum. You’ve always been different, and take pride in your individualistic nature. Although you try to maintain a rebellious streak, you are consistently told that you are sensible. Remember, don’t kiss any strange boys!

I’ve only read book 1 so far, and some of book 2. I like almost all of the characters so this works for me and I think some of the description fits me. Also really any answer is better than Loretta getting Barrington Whelk LMAO!!


I am: Bella Swan

Who’s that, brooding in the corner? Yep, that’s you, Bella Swan. You’re certainly mysterious, but there’s a depth there that others pick up on. Everyone wants you, perhaps because you’re so low-key and secure with yourself. I mean, there are worse things in life than having a vampire and a werewolf fighting over you.

Ugh. I want to be like no stop it isn’t me, but it me guys. It really me.

Folk of the Air

I am: Locke

You have a way with words and aren’t afraid to use them. You’re a natural charmer and people tend to like you right away.

I haven’t read this series at all. I’m pretty sure it’s somewhere lost in my TBR though. I can’t really comment on the character but I’ll take the description. Also why are so many characters named Locke these days??

The Lunar Chronicles

I am: Cress

A Lunar shell confined to a satellite to aid Queen Levana with hacking and surveillance of Earthen countries. She is a petite girl with very long honey blonde hair, a heart-shaped face, and freckles. She has a very overactive imagination, and nervous around people due to her lack of social interaction growing up.

I love Cress and especially her with Thorne because I extra love Thorne. But I don’t feel like this fits me, despite my blonde hair and overactive imagination. I’m not nervous around people at all and I would be a terrible hacker.

Gahhh okay I really had so much fun with this book tag! I don’t feel up to tagging anyone in particular but if you’re reading this DO THIS TAG!! YOU WON’T REGRET IT!!



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