Black lives matter. I want to live in a world where this is a fact proven by actions and systemic change, not just words. I believe in equality for all. I believe in the power of community and compassion, and the ability for that power to bring about change. I am guilty of being a silent white. I do not want to be silent any longer. I will be continuing to work on myself to become more educated, more empathetic, and to commit to anti-racism. It’s not enough to not engage in specifically racist acts when I’m benefiting from a system that executes my Black peers. I want to do more. I feel shame it took until this moment to set off enough action energy in me to vocalize and mobilize. Initial things I plan on doing going forward: continuing to find people, places, and causes to donate to and support beyond this moment, compiling a list of anti-racist books to read to educate myself as a white and a parent, and compiling a list of books to buy for my child and future children so I can help create a more anti-racist future with more allies than not. All lives cannot matter if we don’t prove, not just say, that Black lives matter.

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