4 Reasons Why I’m Blogging

This is my very first post. Well actually my first post was the generated message from wordpress saying Hello World! and that this is “your” first post and whatever.  And then I made another post about why morons should read.  And now I’m back here to fix up this very first post so that it reflects the blogssence (combination of blog and essence, duh) that I’m going for here.

Anyways wordpress has suggested that I use this post to tell readers (hellooooo out thereeeee) why I started this blog and what I plan to do with it.  So I decided I actually would do just that! You know, for all my avid readers who came out of nowhere and are so interested in what they are and will be reading here.

Without further ado, 4 Reasons Why I’m Blogging:

1.  So my consciousness can live on forever.

Because I’ve got a lot of nonsense up in my brain that I’d like to get out.  Mostly I text it to my friends.  Or tell people out loud.  Or just laugh about it by myself.  And then its forgotten.  But I’ve decided I shouldn’t rob myself and my readers (YOU!) of my cognitive gems by not placing them in a forever home online.

2.  To share my dreams. 

Sometimes I have really insane dreams.  And not dreams like goals but dreams like when you’re sleeping and then you’re suddenly on a mission to save the world with a weedwacker and a bicycle and your best friend’s mom is yelling at you about using the special sleeping bags while you fend off murderers because your ex, who is now randomly a prostitute just for fun, won’t save you.  Those kind of dreams.  They are just too insane not to share.

3.  I think I can. 

On top of my insane dreams, I actually have goals too! Like writing this blog, which if I do this, then maybe I can accomplish some of my other goals too.  Probably not though.


Self professed binge reader here.  I read all the time.  Very fast.  Many books back to back.  I especially binge read series in the paranormal romance genre.  People I know in my real life do not do this so I have no one in my real life to relate to and talk to about all the omggggg ahhh squeeeee moments and I needed a freaking outlet.  Also for very stupid reasons, I thought the books I liked had to be considered “guilty pleasures” to keep quiet about and I’ve finally accepted that I’M NOT GUILTY of my taste in books #sorrynotsorry.  So if you wanna connect about all things omgyassss about books, lets be friends? please?


  1. YAY welcome to the blogging community – I hope you’ll have tons of fun! These reasons are the best ones, especially, well, books haha. And you’re so right, we should not feel guilty about what we read, we should just be happy and proud to read whatever we enjoy reading overall 🙂 x

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  2. Omg I just started a blog too and love your post! Have also stopped by ashamed of my “guilty pleasure” books! Let’s talk about all the books we love ❤

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