Book Series Review: Broken Destiny by Jeaniene Frost

I just want to say before I get started that I LOVE Jeaniene Frost, her writing style and adult content is right up my alley; the girl knows how to write a sex scene #swoon.  And her Night Huntress series is probably my favorite series of all time right now.

The Broken Destiny series is a trilogy by Jeaniene Frost and includes The Beautiful Ashes, The Sweetest Burn, and The Brightest Embers.  I’m also doing a review of the series as a whole because as a series binge reader it can be a bit hard to piece apart each book, its much easier for me to just think of the works as a whole and determine how I felt about the whole story.

Screen Shot 2018-04-15 at 8.54.57 PMAlright lets get into it.  I think the series started off really strong with all the elements that normally get me excited; paranormal, action, mystery, high stakes, chemistry between the main characters, etc.  The first two books introduced new characters and explained how the world worked and introduced us to different parts of that world within our normal reality.  However the development only went so far and then it felt like we were cut off from the world getting bigger or utilizing it more as a playing field for the characters.  And instead of us learning more about the secondary characters and becoming more attached to them I actually started to feel less attached! Supporting characters had very little depth and I didn’t care much about them living or dying, it felt like they didn’t do much and they were even basically just dropped off somewhere to chill while the final book continued. I also became less invested in the main romance in the final book and actually wanted them to fight, I rooted for a happily ever after though because that’s what I was looking to get from this series (plus I’m a happily ever after junkie).

Screen Shot 2018-04-15 at 8.52.51 PMAnd then my biggest pet peeve of the whole series: The ending was so abrupt that it ultimately pushed my feelings about this series down farther. After reading three books to finally get to the hopeful happily ever after, we don’t get any time to revel in the conclusion of the story for these characters! Characters reuniting, seeing the world moving forward, a quick where are they now, or literally ANYTHING besides them still sitting in the actual rubble from the final action scene would have felt more satisfying. Also, while I’m more than okay with violence, I don’t like when my main characters come away permanently physically maimed and damaged (its probably just me but that doesn’t suit well with my happily ever after expectations haha).

Screen Shot 2018-04-15 at 8.53.05 PMAnd finally, on a particularly biased note (it’s admittedly biased!! sorry if you don’t agree!), going into the series I didn’t realize how faith based this story would be and as a nonbeliever it’s probably not something I would have chosen had I known – but I love this author so who knows I still might have given it a chance…

Pretty much after reading the second book I wasn’t racing to start the third book which as a binge reader that’s a tell tale sign that I’m just not feeling it enough, and I think it’s because the plot became a bit predictable and redundant. It’s not a bad series per se but overall I was disappointed (especially being such a big fan of her other work) and I think I enjoyed the first book the most.

Recommended for fans of adult paranormal romance and religiously founded angels/demons trope.

2.5 stars!

This review is not meant to discourage readers and if you’ve read this series or decide to give it a try let me know what you think!

and please check out Frost’s others works, especially the Night Huntress series and spinoffs because they are perfectionnnn.

PS. yes I did read this series with my kindle app; and for those of you who are all pro hard copy – I am too! but my tiny apartment is overflowing with books and as a binge reader its soo easy and tempting to just click buy now and have access to the book right away.. #sorrynotsorry

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