WTF Wednesday: Book Blog Memes & Updates


SO.  After my birthday I took another accidental hiatus for several reasons:

1) I had a bit of an anxiety spiral
2) I got backed up at work (see #1)
3) I wasn’t in the mood to do book reviews yet (see #1 again) which are my main type of blog post

Which brings me to my subject today: Book Blog Memes! And what better way to introduce this topic than to mention the meme I’ve just decided to adopt as

WTF Wednesday

where I’m basically just updating you on wtf is going on with me and my blog and life and probably talk about why I’m flailing or whatever.  Also I have no idea if I’ll ever do my WTF Wednesday meme again, but considering who I am… it’ll probably be necessary again haha.

so, WTF is going on with me???

  • see numbers 1-3 above
  • I’m really failing my Comment Challenge partner Barb @ Booker T’s Farm, so shout out to her and I’m so sorry!! I’m back for the rest of the month I swearimg_3650
  • I got a sweet haircut and I’m really into it right now
  • still TTC baby #1 but not stress out about it which like…lol k
  • Finished book 1 of The Illuminae Files and OH.MY.GOD. review coming soon.
  • Finished the prequels for TOG, Assassin’s Blade, and that was just…. ouch/rude. review also coming soon. Now just to work myself up to read book 1 after that devastating start…
  • Currently rereading the Confessions of Georgia Nicolson series. It’s totally been helping me cope and it’s sosososo funny and making realize how much these books influenced my teen years. Reread series review coming soon.

So the big take away here is that I’m going to start doing some Book Blog Memes! high fives for everyone! But now I’m trying to weed through everything out there and figure out which ones I want to do.

I’ve come across a few lists of book blog memes, one of which my friend Kaleena @ Reader Voracious sent me, from Molly’s Book Nook and another I had saved forever ago and only just came back to from Bookshelf Fantasies.

I think the two I’m gravitating towards most right now, after a very quick skim, are:

That’s What He Said Thursday hosted by Chapter Break
and Monthly Wrap-ups.

But my question to you all is:

What are your favorite book blog memes to participate in?
What are your favorite book blog memes to read about on other’s blogs?


  1. AHHH! I just recently got into the Illuminae files too and OMG is right! I also love TOG, but I haven’t read the prequels! I do Top Ten Tuesday because I’ve found its a great way to connect with other people in the book blogging community, and I enjoy making lists!

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    • I think I’m definitely going to give Top Ten Tuesday a whirl I *may* have already schedule my post for next week. Ugh I’m still obsessing over Illuminae but I’m trying to force myself to finish my review first before I jump into the next one. Also it was so fast paced that I actually felt like I needed a breather before book two. I have a very strong feeling I would never read the TOG prequels if I didn’t start with them, and after finishing I concur with that feeling, so I’m glad I got them out of the way.

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  2. Hey, no worries, I was just worried. All of a sudden you had a great birthday/4th of July and then you vanished 🙂 LOVE the haircut but the way. I have naturally curly hair and it’s pretty long so it’s been in a top-knot on top of my head most of July. I do MEMES and it really does help with blogging content. Can’t Wait Wednesday is easy to do and takes hardly no time and it’s a great way to find new books as well. Top Ten Tuesdays take a bit longer to throw together but they are fun to mix up and change (especially when the topic doesn’t suit you). Either way, I’m excited to see what you do. And I love WTF Wednesday….but I really needed a WTF June a few weeks past 🙂

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    • Lol that hangover from my birthday kinda led into an anxiety spiral, reason 74592 why I should never drink like I’m 18 again haha. Thanks about the haircut, I’ve been really digging it and I feel free from the burden of never ending trying to grow it out. I think Top Ten Tuesday sounds it could be a good fit for me, I’m gonna start trying it out!


  3. Seems like you have gotten a lot of reading in while you were away, that’s awesome! And no worries about the hiatus, I hope you were able to get caught up at work and out of your anxiety spiral!

    Do you like doing tag posts? I have a couple scheduled and would be more than happy to tag you; I find those are a GREAT kind of post to do when you don’t have a review…and they tend to have higher engagement than reviews (at least for me anyways).


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  4. Top Ten Tuesday is my favorite. Such fun topics and if i dont have ten then i just do however many i have for the topic that week. My next favorite it WWW wednesday which is basically just a weekly update of what we’re reading currently, next and recently.

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    • I definitely plan on starting to give Top Ten Tuesday a try! It seems like a go-to for a lot of people and will make me feel in the loop lol. I’ll have to check out WWW Wednesday. I think I’ll struggle with ones where I pick what I’m reading next because I’m such a mood reader and pick things up randomly when I feel like it instead of planning ahead.

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      • I’m the same way, if you read our www wednesday posts you’ll see that i usually list like five options. Or even when i list just one option, i usually end up reading something completely different hahah! I’m always super indecisive about what I’m going to read next, except when I’m reading a series.

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  5. High five back at ya for the book blog memes! Looking forward to see which ones you decide to do. My faves are Top Ten Tuesday’s (hosted by That Artsy Reader Girl) and WWW Wednesday’s (drawing a blank on who does that one). But if you’ve got your WTF Wednesday’s you might not need that one. Yours sounds much more entertaining. LOL I don’t do monthly wrap-ups but instead do my monthly Best In Books. It’s not a meme since no one else does it, though. Ha! I got the idea from my Booktuber friend but she’s since stopped so it’s just me. 🙂

    Sorry to hear about the anxiety issues. That’s never easy.

    Tanya @ Girl Plus Books

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    • I’ll have to check out your monthly Best in Books posts! I definitely thinking I’m going to start doing Top Ten Tuesday though, seems like it’s really popular and it’ll make it more fun for connecting with other bloggers. I’m undecided about WWW Wednesday but who knows. And WTF Wednesdays does make me giggle but it would probably just be a monthly thing if I continue it.


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