WTF Wednesday

Looks like it’s time for another episode of WTF WEDNESDAYYYYYY!!

Idk why I keep letting this happen but I blog at the beginning of the month and basically take 10 or more days off before I’m like gotta get back to it!!

So let’s talk about WTF I’ve been up to!

  • weekend of July 28th I visited my parents, family, friends for a long weekend of pool partying
  • weekend of August 4th I took a long weekend in Hilton Head SC for some much needed beach time with my friends
  • weekend of August 11th I took an even longer weekend trip in St. Petersburg FL to visit some friends
  • went to Pixies and Weezer concert
  • went to The Offspring and 311 concert
  • saw The Meg in theaters *insert shark emoji here, haven’t figured that out yet*
  • started acupuncture  (despite my phobia of needles!!)

So basically if you’re keeping track I’ve been out of town more than in town for the past 3-4 weeks and even though I brought my laptop with me each time with the intention of blogging during down time.. there really wasn’t any down time! I’ve just been trying to live my best life and stay in the moment with the people I care about and it’s been great.

Here are some pics:


I’m really looking forward to staying put this weekend and getting some serious RnR and doing tons of blog hopping and hopefully scheduling some posts and Top 10 Tuesdays.

Here are some pending book reviews that will be on the way shortly:

  • Confessions of Georgia Nicolson series
  • Gemina
  • Slave to Sensation

ALSO my new book shelves should be coming in on Friday and I’m sososososo excited to get them up and organized and show you guys the before and after!! So expect that by the end of the weekend! 🙂

Hope everyone’s August has been going well!! And hopefully this is my last bout of MIA for a while. Looking forward to hopping around to all of your blogs!! ❤️


  1. Sounds like you’ve been on the go! Despite being a lifelong Floridian I’ve never actually been to St Pete. Need to remedy that one day. Hooray for new bookshelves! That’s always so exciting. And I looove arranging (and rearranging) book of my shelves. It’s kind of ridiculous how much fun that is. LOL

    Tanya @ Girl Plus Books

    Liked by 1 person

    • yas! this was my third time seeing The Offspring and the last time was at the Carolina Rebellion festival last year and we crowd surfed (for the first time in like 10+ years) and it was epic especially since it was such a huge crowd, what a freaking adrenaline rush


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