Buddy Read: #FebsCursedKiss

I’m SO pumped about this! MY FIRST BUDDY READ EVER!!

I’m joining Laughing ListenerFiction No Chaser, Read By Dev, Bookstorm GirlGrimmsnaught, Perpetual Fangirl, It’s YA Girl, and Tomes of Our Lives for a buddy read of the The Winner’s Trilogy by Marie Rutkoski.

I’ve never heard of this trilogy before but I trust these ladies’ book choices so I’m really excited to dive in and freak out with them the whole way through. There is even an official schedule! And we have a Discord chat which is a really cool new thing I’ve never heard of before either but it’s basically a group chat app, at least the way we’re using it.


Have you guys read this series before? Do you think I’m going to like it?! 

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